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There is no escaping it; the food we eat today is processed and loaded with preservatives, fats, oils and grease. Whether you prepare your food in a home kitchen or restaurant you face the same issues, just on different scales. All these by-products get stuck in drain lines and fat traps, congealing over time preventing the system from flowing freely. Greenman International has a refreshed new look with one great product that goes the extra mile to unclog drains and fat traps in restaurants and around the home.

GREENMAN FAT TRAP will unclog a drain or any fat trap with its specifically formulated solution, that is optimized for fat traps and drain lines. GREENMAN FAT TRAP will get to work in the oil trap, breaking down all solid waste matter within the septic system and then allowing water to flow freely through the system once again.

Our revolutionary product will delight consumers who are in quest of solutions to unclog drains and fat traps naturally. As you may be aware; any grease trap cleaning service can be costly, maintenance and grease trap cleaning services can set you back a pretty penny. With the GREENMAN FAT TRAP you eliminate countless nightmares. Our product gets to work in the system with a perfect dosing formulation that breaks down harmful fats, oils and grease that congeal over time and prevent water from flowing freely in the system. #Greenman eliminates the hassles of a cleaning service and other costly grease trap cleaning.

For the less industrial kitchen; consumers seeking natural ways or other alternatives on how to unclog a kitchen drain will be eager to know that GREENMAN FAT TRAP can be used in and around the home too. Use GREENMAN’s FAT TRAP to unclog a drain swiftly in your home; our optimized fat traps formula will get to work in your drain lines breaking down solid deposits and allowing water to flow freely through the system once more.

If you are like us and truly believe that prevention is better than cure, then get on board with #GreenmanInternational today.

Our products are shaping a better world through eco-friendly practices and green power, with mother nature backing our advanced green ingredients. Visit us on or call us on 086 099 5233 today and find out which one of our products is best for you.

Written by: PRIO Marketing and Communications.

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