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The Green Revolution

The Green Revolution

THIS Revolution will not be televised! It’s taking households by storm and wrapping the earth in a bow to restore what man has plundered and pillaged. Humans are destructive by nature, but if we think we can continue to reap what we sow, we are gravely mistaken and we are handing ourselves a death sentence.

Our dear planet can and will not support us forever, if we continue to use more than it can support, the human race will perish along with our magnificent blue planet. The Green Revolution is everywhere, it’s in the wind, the sun and even our dwindling water supply.

Solar energy has come a long way; new improved technologies have made solar cells smaller and more powerful than ever before. What’s exciting is the combination of green technologies, which work together to replace traditional methods. This can be seen with a new desalination effort where a water tank is fitted to the home and supplied with seawater. The solar cells use the suns energy to convert the water into pure water for daily household use and irrigation purposes.

Digging deeper, what about the household cleaners in and around your home? If you want to be a part of the Green Revolution, then you must look at your own actions and effects on planet earth. Traditional household cleaners can be harmful to the planet and your family. Loaded with aggressive and corrosive chemicals, these ordinary cleaners do nothing but create more versatile germs which breed new diseases; thereby infiltrating your families’ health and posing negative effects on the planet, as stronger chemicals must be used to kill these new super-germs.

Green detergents are the way of the future and an integral part of the Green Revolution. That’s why we have developed Greenman detergents. Our products are brewed with Mother Nature’s finest elements. Cutting through grease, oils and fats with minimum effort; Greenman will have your home smelling fresh, leave surfaces streak free and have no negative impact on the environment.

You can apply our product to surfaces and stress less, as there is no need to wipe our product off with clean water. Greenman products are 100% natural, meaning that once applied they are completely safe and if consumed they pose no health risks. Our unique formula also keeps working where other products fail to deliver. This is evident as the Greenman recipe is designed to keep fighting germs long after the initial application; a unique approach to green detergent cleaners.

If you’re looking to be a part of something bigger than you, choose Greenman detergents for a healthier planet and happier family. Call us on +27 (0) 86 099 5233 or visit us on today!

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