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Special blend of quality ingredients for use with a burnisher in buffing operations that help to maintain a top shine while extending the life of floor polish treatments.


Spray-Buff is a special blend of finest ingredient hard Wax, polymer and resins, designed for use with a burnisher in buffing operations that help to maintain a top shine while extending the life of Liquid Floor Polish or Mop & Shine.

Features & Benefits:

Spray-Buff is a buffing product that extends the shine-life of Liquid Floor Polish when it is applied first to pre-seal the floor after cleaning.

Spray-Buff imparts a great gloss quality and helps the original floor seal to protect the floor through maintaining the integrity of the seal while promoting gloss.

Spray-Buff is easy to apply and allows for quick gloss maintenance.  Spray & Shine helps to hide unwanted deep scratches that the substrate may have suffered during it’s time of service and allows one to extend it’s working life and thus prevent the need for patching and downtime on heavily tread surfaces in thoroughfares and passages.


Spray-Buff can be applied to any floor, from masonic to various plastic finishes, including PVC and PVA Resin Flooring, either for tiles or for roll-out section floors that have been pre-sealed with Liquid Floor Polish.  Spray-Buff can be applied in supermarkets, kitchens, hostels, hospitals, homes and hotels with equal confidence when doing maintenance buffing using a burnishing machine.

Use & Dilutions:

GLAZING and SHINING:  Spray-Buff is generally recommended for undiluted usage through a spray bottle, but in cases where buffing is done on a daily frequency like in some supermarkets and megastores every time that spillage dictates, it may be diluted before application.

Spray-Buff should not be applied too thickly as this will cause high localized build-up of the soft waxes and this may prove to be counter-productive with respect to minimizing slipping and falling of staff and customers.

Shelf Life & Storage:

Spray-Buff may be stored for up to one year in the original packaging, and under ambient conditions. Store between 10°C – 38°C.

Physical Properties:

Physical State: Liquid

Appearance: Milky white

% Solids Content: As stated

Specific Gravity: 0,97 – 1.01 kg/cm Solubility: Dispersable

PH Value:

Odour: Slight wood glue-ish

Boiling Point: N/A

Flash Point: N/A


Available in 5Kg, 25Kg & 1000 Kg flow bins

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