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Potent enzyme producing bacterial treatment for septic tanks, septic systems, and drain lines which digests solid waste, reduces odours, and keeps systems flowing naturally

Green Enzyme Technology:

Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. Recent breakthroughs in science and technology have helped us to understand how this is made possible. By using the correct good or beneficial bacteria virtually any dirt build up, stain, odour, septic system, FOG’s (fats, oils, greases) or even hydrocarbon based oil stains can be safely cleaned, bio-degraded and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals. Ecozyme Septic GobblerTM bacterial cultures are uniquely cultivated from South African soils naturally giving them a massive home ground performance advantage. The bacteria, microbes and enzymes in Septic GobblerTM treatment metabolize much faster, reproduce quicker and survive for longer.

Product Description:

Drain lines and septic systems are especially susceptible to the rapid build ups of fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) and the huge and expensive problems they cause, with systems eventually completely blocking up. Ecozyme Septic GobblerTM treatment is a special and proprietary blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria which rapidly produce a wide variety of enzymes to rapidly degrade waste, and quickly and easily solve these plumbing and septic build up challenges. The treatment contains unique enzyme

producing bacteria microorganisms which don’t just emulsify the waste but actually feed on and totally eliminate it, with the resultant by-products being carbon dioxide and water! Septic GobblerTM is totally safe and is nature’s way of treating, digesting organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic build-up from pipes, tanks, leach drains, septic tanks and septic systems.

High Costs Eliminated:

An incorrectly functioning septic system can become a very costly affair. With the increased prevalence of bleaches, biocides and anti-bacterial agents in many of today’s consumer products, the naturally occurring bacteria, microbes and enzymes are easily killed off in septic systems and the natural balance is destroyed. Where traditional enzyme and bacterial products are obliterated, Septic GobblerTM powder is incredibly engineered to be naturally tolerant of harsh chemicals and detergents. Regular dosing with Septic GobblerTM is extremely cost effective and eliminates the need for expensive plumbing companies, honey suckers and waste companies, not to mention dangerous chemicals and the harm they cause the environment. Regular proactive maintenance dosing with Septic GobblerTM powder costs a fraction of traditional reactive methods and is an essential maintenance item.

Sewer Overflows & Spills:

When sewer drain lines get blocked, raw sewerage spills out into suburbs and townships and causes a massive potential health hazard which needs to be immediately treated to contain possible cholera and typhoid outbreaks. Septic GobblerTM powder can simply be sprinkled over sewage spills to contain the problem, while immediately helping to contain odours. Bad pathogens are controlled through a scientific process known as Competitive Exclusion. Sewer lines are nearly always caused by Fat, Oil and Grease blockages (F.O.G.’s) and Sewer GobblerTM is ideal to be shock dosed into the affected sewer lines to biodegrade the cause of the problem quickly and effectively.


● Eliminates foul odours
● Bioremediates and digests waste
● Naturally restores system health
● Keep drain and septic lines flowing freely
● Treat sewer spills and overflows
● Massive cost savings over physical and chemical methods
● Simple to dose, easy to maintain
● Reduces pathogenic disease causing organisms


Application: Simply add the below dose to 2L – 5L of warm water and pour down basins, showers and baths or flush down toilets. Alternate the outlet every time for a multiple treatment effect. Dose after hours or at night. Maintenance Dose: 1kg of Septic GobblerTM per 1000 Litre of septic tank capacity. Shock Dose: Repeat the above Maintenance Dose weekly if necessary until results are achieved.

For Best Results:
Use with full range of bio-enzymatic products which benefit each other as you use them. Save money and improve performance while reaping multiple benefits compared to traditional chemicals. Avoid using disinfectants and harsh chemicals, these kill our beneficial micro-organisms and harm the environment.

Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage
Stable for 12 months at ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight. Available in 1Kg, 5Kg buckets & bulk 20Kg bags. Buy bulk for simple self-manufacturing and repackaging to make Pit GobblerTM for pit latrines.

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