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Greenman eco friendly D – Grease is a powerful water-based bio-remediating cleaner with superior cleaning capabilities



GREENMAN D – GREASE is a powerful water-based bio-remediating cleaner with superior cleaning capabilities, which eliminates waste disposal costs and health and safety risks. Effectively converts gasoline (BTEX), diesel, motor oils, fuel oils, grease, antifreeze, hydraulic, brake, ATF, cutting fluids, as well as heavy synthetic oils and greases into carbon dioxide and water. GREENMAN D – GREASE prevents slip-and-slide accidents by removing greasy film, leaving surfaces dry and oil-free. Reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite making it ideal for oil, fuel tank and confined space cleaning. GREENMAN D – GREASE is designed to perform exceptionally in areas where water quality and water hardness is an issue. It is specially formulated to react with metal oxides to form a protective film on metal surfaces, while helping to neutralize acidic effluent. GREENMAN D – GREASE is intelligently formulated to effectively convert dirt deposits into small suspended particles that rinse away without redepositing on freshly washed surfaces. It is an ideal replacement for limonene, naphtha, mineral spirits, MEK, methylene chloride and other petroleum based solvents. PRICE EXCLUDES DELIVERY


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