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Proprietary odour controlling long-life bio enzyme portable toilet pods with powerful masking fragrance and extra blue foaming action. Digests waste while cleaning and descaling surfaces for improved toilet hygiene.

Current Challenges:

The current generally accepted ways of treating portable toilet effluent try to balance many complex challenges, with serious problems ranging from insufficient odour control, health risks to humans, to damaging consequences for the environment. Traditional chemical formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde solutions are known cancer causing carcinogens and severely damage waste water treatment water plants upon disposal. Pure enzyme solutions are safer for application but are ineffective for odour control as they denature easily and die at the high or low temperatures portable toilets are exposed to. Enzymes cannot reproduce either so their numbers are limited to the initial often small dose. Enzymes are also very target specific, so with the wrong enzymes in formulation, the solution will be ineffective at odour control. Crucially enzymes are not able to reproduce either.

Product Description:

Portaloo Pods are a breakthrough in portable toilet odour control and treatment. They contain specially selected microbial strains which reproduce in mere minutes, and they are scientifically chosen for their ability to work synergistically with each other to more effectively control odours. They are much tougher than ordinary enzymes. Freezing them won’t kill them, and neither will extremely hot temperatures.

9 Enzyme System:

Where enzyme only systems usually contain one or two enzyme types, Portaloo Pods contain Ecozyme’s industry leading 9 enzyme production system to treat every possible organic loading in the system for unmatched performance. They intelligently analyse the waste that is being introduced to them, and intelligently secrete exactly the right types and precise amounts of enzymes needed for effective waste breakdown. Portaloo Pods also contain Ecozyme’s unique pH buffer system to ensure the perfect growth environment for our microbes at all times.

Long life cost saving Pods:

Portaloo Pods have super high compression technology to last longer than competing systems, and are packaged as extra-large 100 gram blocks. They need to be replaced less and last longer for extra cost and labour savings.

Benefits Waste Plants:

Where traditional harsh chemicals kill the microbes naturally present in waste water treatment plants, the microbes in Portaloo Pods actually benefit and help septic and waste water treatment plants upon disposal.

Benefits of Product:

  • Superior odour control
  • 9 enzyme production system
  • Immediate growth
  • Exponential reproduction
  • Wide temperature operation
  • Intelligent pH buffer system
  • Benefits waste systems
  • Powerful masking fragrance
  • Cleans and descales surfaces
  • Extra high foaming action
  • Non-staining blue dye
  • Continuous automatic dosing

Some Applications:

  • Portable toilet hire
  • Caravans
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Boats
  • Marine holding tanks

Recommended Dosing:

Add 1 x 100g Portaloo Pod to the portable toilet system, or 20 litres of water. Replenish every 14 to 28 days depending on traffic.

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