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Potent bio-enzyme treatment for pit toilets, latrines and long drops to break down solids, reduce odours, flies and disease causing pathogens while immeasurably improving user dignity.

Green Cleaning Technology:

Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. By using beneficial bacteria organic human waste can be safely bio-degraded and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals. Pit GobblerTM bacterial cultures are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a massive home ground performance advantage.

Proprietary Buffer System:

Bacteria can’t efficiently produce enzymes in very acidic environments like pit toilets. Traditional pit toilet products may contain some biological activity, but they don’t address the PH challenge, so they cannot effectively grow and produce enzymes. They essentially do nothing unless the PH is perfect. Pit GobblerTM has developed a proprietary in-house PH buffer system, one of the most technologically advanced systems commercially available which ensures our bacteria and enzymes perform perfectly, regardless of the PH environment for unsurpassed performance.

Product Description:

The powerful enzymes in Pit GobblerTM rapidly reduces solid wastes and turns them into water and carbon dioxide. You will immediately notice huge improvements in odour control and fly reduction. Pit GobblerTM reduces the leaching of the pit toilet water into the ground table water. Disease causing pathogens are naturally controlled for a safer and healthier environment. By reducing the amount of solids in the long drop, pit toilet lifespan is greatly increased. The dignity of users is also immeasurably improved. Proprietary micro-organisms and bacteria produce unlimited combinations of the correct enzymes and work effectively in all pit toilets, pit latrines and long drops.

Features of Product:

● Reduces foul odours ● Reduces diseases
● Reduces flies
● Prolonged pit toilet lifespan
● Dignity and quality of life of users
● Bio-remediates waste ● Advanced PH Buffer Technology
● Reduces leaching and ground water contamination
● Reduces pollution
● Made in South Africa


For initial dosing mix 2 x 50g doses of Pit GobblerTM into 2L of water and then add to the pit toilet. If the pit toilet is neglected and has a hard surface caking, break the surface open with a long stick. Add extra water to cover all the dry effluent. Add 1 x 50g dose weekly as an ongoing maintenance dose. Avoid adding any chemicals and disinfectants as these reduce the performance of the bacteria. Ideally use 50 Gobbler to clean the toilet and its surroundings. 50 Gobbler is a powerful and very cost effective bio-enzyme cleaner which will actually help the pit toilet to function better. In the event the pit toilet has a very tough crust, then first shock dose with 100g of Sludge Gobbler and water.

A Note On Acid Treatments:

An incorrect method of treating pit toilets has emerged, and this involves the use of very harsh and potentially harmful acids such as hydrochloric or sulphuric acid in an attempt to “burn” or “dissolve” the solid waste in pit toilets or long drops. These acids can cause serious damage to the body, and are very harmful if inhaled. When these acids are applied to a pit toilet, the bacteria required for the correct functioning of the toilet are instantly destroyed, and odours are only temporarily stopped. By temporarily stopping odours, this gives the false impression that the pit toilet has been successfully treated . However by killing all the beneficial microorganisms, the solids in the pit can no longer be digested, and the pit toilet no longer turns solids into liquids and ceases functioning correctly. The level of the solids will never get lower, and the bad smell and flies will return. These harsh acids will also leach into the underlying groundwater, creating serious secondary pollution and environmental challenges. Only by applying a double dose of Pit GobblerTM can the pit toilet microbial function be reactivated again.

Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage
Stable for 12 months at ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight. Available in 50g sachets, 5Kg buckets & bulk 20Kg bags.

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