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Eco-friendly septic safe product for removing tough stains from clothing, mops, cloths, cutlery and more while brightening fabrics, and preserving fibres for a much longer service life. Colour safe.

Product Description:

Oxy-Clean is a powerful cleaning agent that can be particularly effective in tackling tough stains and brightening clothes in laundry applications as well as overnight bucket soaking applications for mops, rags, cloths, stained cutlery and more. Oxy-Clean is eco-friendly, septic tank safe, quickly bio-degradable and safe to use for a variety of tasks.

What is Oxy-Clean?

Oxy-Clean is a highly versatile powder product which can be effectively used to remove stains and restore a new bright new look to most fabrics and materials. It’s available in powder form, and is diluted in water before use. As it comes into contact with water, huge amounts of oxygen are quickly released. These micro oxygen bubbles break down dirt, odours, and germs. Oxy-Clean is eco-friendly and its by-products are safe for humans, animals, septic and waste water systems as well all bio-enzyme products.

Oxy-Clean VS Regular Bleach:

Oxy-Clean is different to bleaches which are composed of sodium hypochlorite, a dangerous corrosive substance. Mops and form significant costs for contract cleaning companies. Over time, Oxy-Clean doesn’t break down these fibres like bleach does, which means a huge long term cost saving. Regular bleach is only effective on whites where Oxy-Clean is colour-safe and won’t bleach white spots onto dyed fabrics, ideal for HACCP colour coding. It removes dirt from and brightens all colours. An unknown safety fact with serious implications is that if regular bleach is mixed with certain washing detergents it actually creates a dangerous highly toxic gas!

Septic & Sewer System Safe:

Experts recommend avoiding bleaches in plumbing systems as it can damage the septic and sewer systems which rely on bacterial microorganisms to maintain balance, as they break down solids in systems. Bleach kills bacteria – and without helpful bacteria, the solids will not break down and eventually the system will become full and blocked, which leads to a septic system backup or complete sewer system failure.

For Laundry Use:

Oxy-Clean is effective for organic stains on cutlery and clothing, such as food, drink, grass, dirt, and bodily fluids. To remove synthetic oils safely dose with Eco-Solve which is also great for spot cleaning and pre-soaking these synthetic oils and greases. Oxy-Clean is safe for use in conjunction Fab-Wash laundry detergent, with no harmful by-products being created. Oxy-Clean is an excellent brightening agent.

Pre-Wash & Nightly Soaking:

Laundry: Use 30g for light soiling and up to 4 sachets for heavy soils. Mop & Cloth Soaking: Use 30g for light soiling and up to 4 sachets for heavy soils. Leave overnight.

Stained Cutlery: Use 30g for light soiling and up to 4 sachets for heavy soils.

Dosage & Directions:

Test on a small area first. Avoid very delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

Ideal Operating Conditions:

Works best with very hot water and longer exposure times.

Packaging,Shelf Life,Storage:

Stable for 12 months at ambient temperatures out of direct sunlight. Available in 30g sachets, 100 per box. 5Kg & 25Kg bucket with scoop available. Scoop measures 30 – 50g.

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