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Non-caustic oven cleaner which removes grease and burned on crud from hot working surfaces caused by spillage and condensed fats released during cooking.


Ecozyme Oven-Clean is an eco-friendly non caustic alkaline oven cleaner and carbon remover which is specially formulated to remove grease and burned-on crud from hot-working surfaces such as that found in ovens because of spillage and condensed fats released during the cooking operation.

Features & Benefits:

Ecozyme Oven-Clean is easy to use and can be sprayed onto cold or hot surfaces. Ecozyme Oven-Clean will not damage the underlying enameled surface of the oven interior.

Ecozyme Oven-Clean is a very strong detergent and users are urged to fully consult the MSDS before embarking on the cleaning process.


Ecozyme Oven-Clean is primarily for use in baking and grilling environments where burnt on foods and carbon build up is a problem. Ecozyme Oven-Clean can be used to remove stubborn grime build-ups outside the oven too, like that which can be found on floors, in fume-hoods, and on bulk tankers which have endured spillage of vegetable oils and animal fats.

Additional Benefits:

Ecozyme Oven-Clean is designed to perform exceptionally in areas where water quality and water hardness is an issue. It is specially formulated to react with metal oxides to form a protective film on metal surfaces.

Ecozyme Oven-Clean is intelligently formulated to effectively convert dirt deposits into small suspended particles that rinse away without redepositing on freshly washed surfaces. The above pictures of a dirty stove top how incredibly effective a well formulated non caustic solution can be.

Product Features:

  • Non-Caustic
  • Slices Through Grease
  • Removes Baked On Carbon
  • Odourless
  • No harmful fumes

Directions For Use:

Ecozyme Oven-Clean should best be sprayed directly onto the surface using a spray bottle, ensuring that the liquid is projected well into the tiniest nooks and crannies of the relevant cooking equipment. For very badly burnt on carbon and fats, first allow product to soak onto the affected surface and keep the surface wet by re-applying as and when necessary. Allow to soak for 15 to 30 minutes.  For extra effectiveness pre-heat the surface to the point that the surface is warm to the touch. The surface should not be so hot that any evaporation occurs. Keep surface wet by re-applying. Ecozyme Oven-Clean must be used undiluted.

For Best Results:

Use with Ecozyme’s full range of bio-enzymatic products which benefit each other as you use them.  Save money and improve performance while reaping multiple benefits compared to traditional chemicals. Avoid using disinfectants and harsh chemicals, these kill our beneficial micro-organisms and harm the environment.

Safety Precautions:

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.’s) when applying (rubber or PVC gloves and eye protection) at all times.

Shelf Life & Storage:

Eco-friendly Ecozyme Oven-Clean may be stored for up to one year in the original packaging, and under ambient conditions. Store between 10°C – 38°C. 


Available in 5Kg, 25Kg & 1000 Kg flow bins

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