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Potent bio-enzyme liquid which eliminates foul odours in garbage disposal areas, sewer plants, pump stations, refuse bins and dumpsters while ridding fly infestations. Powerful instant fragrance system immediately disguises and hides foul odours.

Green Cleaning Technology

Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. Using beneficial micro-organisms, virtually any organic odour problem can be degraded and eliminated far more effectively than traditional harmful chemicals, which normally only serve to mask the problem. Incredibly these organic odour causing compounds are permanently broken down into carbon dioxide and water!

Current Challenges

Foul odours and fly outbreaks resulting from refuse disposal and sewer systems is a major challenge for business, municipal plants and surrounding home owners. These odour problems are extremely undesirable and negatively impact the perception of service delivery, commercial and home property prices, income streams as well as tenant rentals.  The traditional way of trying to deal with these problems is with masking agents such as perfumed aerosols or liquid perfume dispensers, which do not solve the cause of the problem. Sometimes harsh chemicals are used which at very best only temporarily alleviate these symptoms. These chemicals are extremely bad for the environment and human operators. When substances like bleaches are used they actually damage and perish expensive items like rubber seals on trash compactors, while acids corrode costly metals, electrical wiring and exposed circuits. In sewer plants the beneficial microbes required for sewer breakdown are destroyed. The cause of the problem is never solved and stems mainly from bad bacteria which are anaerobic in nature, feeding on the refuse source. They produce very foul smelling gasses ranging from rotten eggs to faeces. Only by removing these bad bacteria on a permanent and ongoing basis will be problem be solved for good.

The Solution

Odour Gobbler™ contains a proprietary formulation of special enzyme producing bacteria which get to the cause of, and actually solve odour problems. Odour Gobbler™ contains billions of safe microbes which rapidly go out in search of food and space. They quickly eat the food and take away the space which the bad bacteria need to survive. Rapidly the bad bacteria starve off and die. The good bacteria keep reproducing at an exponential rate for days afterwards ensuring ongoing elimination of the bad odour causing bacteria. The scientific name of this process is called Competitive Exclusion.  Odour Gobbler™ also contains proprietary bacterial strains which are effectively used for the control of black flies and mosquitos, such as the Zika Virus. A powerful custom fragrance system also helps to quickly mask foul odours resulting in a pleasant smelling area on an ongoing basis. Odour Gobbler™ creates a much safer and healthier environment, and is completely safe for users.


Odour Gobbler™ is simply applied by mixing the super concentrate with regular tap water at a ratio of 1:10 and then applying with a clean low-pressure sprayer. Ensure complete saturation.

Automated Dosing

Odour Gobbler™ is specially formulated to be compatible with all existing commercially installed sewer and refuse area water misting systems for the ultimate autonomous odour control system, needing only to be refilled monthly.

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