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Keep It Off Your Shelves

Keep It Off Your Shelf

It’s chilling; the lack of knowledge the average person has on the toxic chemicals present in ordinary home cleaners used to clean your household will send shivers down your spine. There are so many loopholes for corporations to mask the ingredients, and the other very real issue is that words like fragranced may have a charming ring to them, but they can hide chemicals that are toxic to you and your family.

You scrub, rinse and repeat, they linger on everything from countertops to your toilet seat. Travelling from hand to mouth and infecting your body with aggressive toxins that have the potential to destroy you from the inside out.

Environmental experts have revealed that the average household contains approximately 62 toxic chemicals. It’s also not a once-off deal! We use household cleaners and detergents routinely, making the rate of exposure to our body more and more common. It’s a harrowing thought, but you may be doing more harm than good when you use antibacterial products or common fragranced scents to keep your home germ free and fresh.

From phthalates in fragranced products to the noxious fumes present in oven cleaners, sometimes it’s just not worth the clean experience. The toxic ingredients found in everyday cleaning products have been intrinsically linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity. These are serious illnesses that can occur at any given time, to any random individual but by making use of home cleaners that support these chemicals as part of their cleaning composition, you put your health and your families’ health at jeopardy.

The Most Common Cleaning Hazard

Butoxyethanol is one serious chemical you want to avoid. Present in window, kitchen and multi-purpose home cleaners, Butoxyethanol gives these products their characteristic clean smell. The chemical is categorized as glycol ethers, which is a part of some powerful solvents that don’t play any games.

The chemical has been linked to narcosis, pulmonary edema, severe liver and kidney damage, debilitating sore throats and could potentially be a carcinogen. So how do you avoid this chemical? Well, it’s clear that cleaning product manufacturers won’t remove the chemical as it provides the product with the power to clean streak free and effectively; the good news is… you have healthier green cleaning options.

Natures Grime Fighter

If you’re looking to sanitize your home and live in a non-toxic environment while doing it, then you need to look at the Greenman International product range.

Greenman International is a green cleaning machine powered by nature. Our products are 100% natural and guaranteed to work. We have a range of products that will replace traditional home cleaners that contain harmful chemicals like Butoxyethanol. With affordable green eco-friendly solutions, you get a product that is kind to nature and your families health.

Our products are perfectly blended for home use in kitchens, bathrooms and much more. Visit us on or call us on +27 (0) 86 099 5233 to find out more about our unique range of products, which are superior to any green cleaning products on the market.

Written by: PRIO Communications and Digital Marketing.


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