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GWIZZ Enzyme-active All-in-one Eco-friendly Cleaner

GWIZZ enzyme-active all-in-one eco-friendly cleaner

GWIZZ is a biological activating enzyme formulation containing a proprietary coalescence of Bacillus Spores, Citrus Oil, Etho-Propoxylated Fatty Alcohol, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate, and Aqua. This specialized coalescence of active bacterial spores produces high levels of key extracellular enzymes, including amylase, cellulose, lipase and protease. The highly effective resulting enzymes degrade and eliminate all ingrained dirt, proteins, starches, fats, oils, grease and faeces. With a neutral PH value of 7, GWIZZ has been specifically formulated to replace aggressive, corrosive and toxic cleaners that can harm the environment and add to the worlds current carbon footprint negatively. Carbon is a result of pollutants which stem from heavy industry works, automobile exhausts and other air pollutants which are a direct result of human activity. GWIZZ is designed for a diverse range of uses, with eco-friendly biological breakthroughs, geared for grime, GWIZZ will tackle anything from your sewage system to your toilet bowl.

How it works

GWIZZ takes advantage of activating enzymes; by replacing traditional detergents with GWIZZ , you will replace the toxicity in your life by removing the need for many of the conventional chemicals currently in use. Our specially formulated recipe not only cleans all surfaces effectively, but introduces millions of friendly bacteria into the various drain lines. Once GWIZZ is in the drain lines the powerful and specialised proprietary blend of bacteria colonize the organic waste that line the piping system, and get straight to work removing all deposited matter and continues to work long after initial application to ensure a clean, clear and healthy environment. The long-term effects of GWIZZ introduced to sewage treatment facilities show that GWIZZ enhances the biological activity, breaking down and reducing solids and odours.

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