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Green Grazing

Green Grazing!

Pollution, dust, chemicals, and an assortment of other seepage, excreted from the industrial endeavours of all our combined human efforts have left the world in a vulnerable state. We are slowly killing the planet; humans currently consume more than we give back to the earth. World Overshoot day is monitored annually and in 2017 you will be left astounded to know that this year we reached the mass consumption date on the 2nd of August 2017.

What this means is that on the 2nd of August, humans officially started using more than we can afford to for a sustained, healthy green planet. So, for the last 5 months of 2017 we are in debt to the earth; the team here at Greenman International has some advice for healthy green cooking in the kitchen that will see you eating green and sustaining a way of life that allows for some cake from time to time.

Everyone keeps hitting the message home, go green now or risk losing the only home we have! We would like to take a different approach to going green this approaching summer. Green eating is becoming all the rage with most of the population starting to take considerable notice of healthy green food recipes that can prolong your life, giving you quality of life. By using fresh produce such as organic fruit and vegetables you are being kind to the planet and supporting a sustained way of life, free from chemicals and toxic additives that are harmful to your body and the environment.

Achieving a truly green lifestyle is hard work, green living is not just a choice it’s a way of life for many people seeking an alternative to modern living that is not just killing our planet, but us in the process. People are dying earlier, farmers are using more harsh insecticides to keep crops safe and the meat industries carbon footprint is setting off alarm bells across the globe.

While there is no quick fix solution or eco-friendly stove to prepare your food in a better way, there are countless eco-friendly living tips for an eco-friendly lifestyle that will have an impact on your family’s overall health. One of the best pieces of advice that we can give you as an all-natural, green, eco-friendly product company is to constantly source organic fruit and organic vegetables to cook with.

Even better yet, if you can’t get to local farmers markets or organic produce markets then opt to grow organic fruit and vegetables at home, in a small patch of garden. They are easy to grow, and having a sound knowledge of what goes into your children’s dinner has endless advantages. Growing fruit and veg at home also helps the environment and eases your carbon footprint.

Once you start going green in the kitchen you will start noticing instant benefits. One of the most notable benefits is that you will feel so good about yourself that you can eat your greens and have your cake, from time to time.

If you are worried about the mess, never fear! Greenman International has an assortment of household and commercial cleaners to satisfy your appetite. Visit us on or call us on (+21) 086 099 5233 to find out how we can help you achieve green living status.

Written by:  PRIO Communications and Digital Marketing

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