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Proprietary blend of enzyme producing bacteria which rapidly colonise wet garbage, compost heaps or mortality pits to greatly accelerate the degradation or composting process, providing provide ideal break down conditions.

Current Challenges:

With all surplus wet garbage waste, surplus garden or forest waste matter, or even incorrectly functioning mortality pits, the challenge is how to effectively dispose of this waste with as little negative impact to the environment as possible and minimize these associated costs.

High Disposal Costs:

These disposal costs are substantial, some visible, some hidden, which costs include diesel and petrol, the carbon cost of transporting waste to municipal refuse dump sites, associated labour costs, the environmental opportunity cost of slow matter breakdown and more. The ideal solution is to rapidly and effectively turn the waste matter into compost on site without any of the aforementioned costs or challenges and then in turn using this waste into a high quality compost to reuse and benefit, or for resell for financial gain.

The Solution:

Without the right enzyme producing bacterial additive, the benefits of this process normally aren’t possible. Garbage Gobbler™ is a specialised product that contains carefully formulated ingredients to provide the ideal concentration of bacteria for optimum breakdown of organic matter. Garbage Gobbler™ product contains billions of good and beneficial bacteria, which rapidly colonise the wet food waste or compost heap, and greatly accelerate the degradation or composting process and provide the correct aerobic and anaerobic conditions that are maintained through regular degradation or compost maintenance.

Multi Functional Design:

Garbage Gobbler™ is a truly multi functional product, and is capable of degrading all forms of organic matter. Billions of good bacteria rapidly begin digesting the organic material. Intelligent bacteria selectively secrete enzymes according to the exact type of waste they are introduced to. The product is supplied in a hibernated state, only activating once introduced to its food source.

Environmentally Friendly:

Garbage Gobbler™ is all natural, eco-friendly and free of chemicals. It’s non-toxic, non-volatile and non-corrosive and completely safe to use.

Optimum Enzyme Function:

Conventional enzymes work within a relatively narrow temperature band. Compost heaps go above the 45˚C where many conventional products will not function correctly.

Garbage Gobbler’s™ bacterial strains are specifically engineered and selected to provide optimum enzyme production across the broad range of temperatures encountered in a compost heap. Commonly these are divided into mesophiles and thermophiles. Mesophiles are for temperatures between 20˚C and 45˚C while thermophiles are typically for temperatures greater than 45˚C.

Product Features:

-Greatly accelerates composting

-All natural bio-enzymatic product

-Multiple applications

-Ideal for activating compost

-Degrade food waste

-Reduce household & garden waste

-Environmentally friendly

-Combine food & garden waste

-Enhance mortality pit function

-Reactivate dormant mortality pits


Packaging, Storage, Usage:

Packaged in 5kg bags. Bulk export packaging available. Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life valid for 1 year. Apply at 0,1% to 0,5% of waste weight.

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