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FG 550
Food industry approved non- corrosive degreaser and cleaner
Intertek tested and approved against SANS 1828 standards
Intertek Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved – Food Industry Safe
Certificate No: 2018IS/TS/0328
Eco-Choice Type 1 Eco Accreditation
Concentrated cost saving high performance formula

Product Description:
FG 550 is a SANS 1828 independently tested and approved multi-purpose heavy duty degreaser and general-purpose cleaner designed and tested specifically for use in the food, beverage and related industries.
FG 550 has been Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved by Intertek and is Food Industry Safe. It is also completely HACCP Standards Compliant.
It is Eco-Choice Type 1 eco accredited against global certification standards.

FG 550’s concentrated formula has been conclusively proven to have very significant cost savings and performance improvements for use in multiple industries.

Product Features:
• SANS 1828 tested & approved (Intertek)
• Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved
• Safe for use in the food industry
• Eco-Choice Type 1 Eco Accreditation
• Completely biodegradable formulation
• Heavy duty degreaser
• Economical daily cleaner
• Oven cleaner
• Presoaking for pots, dishes and utensils
• Stable extra high foaming formulation
• Suitable for spray foaming applications
• Wastewater treatment plant safe
• Excellent cleaning properties
• Solvent free formulation reduces COD’s
• Significant cost savings
• Non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive

Some Industry Applications:
• Food processing plants
• Hospitals & medical centres
• Industrial kitchens
• Breweries
• Abattoirs
• Post-harvest processing
• Tanker Washing
• Animal Farming
• Canned food manufacturing
• Soft drink beverage plants
• Sauce blending plants
• Chemical factories
• Starch processing plants

Recommended Use:
Use undiluted to 1:5 for heavy duty degreasing. Use 1:10 for general purpose cleaning and degreasing. Use 1:100 to 1:200 for floor and wall cleaning. Use Virus Gobbler™ disinfectant after cleaning.

Shelf Life & Storage:
Store in cool, dry place. Stable for 24 months. Super concentrate available for own manufacture.

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