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Fat Gobbler™ Pods
Cutting edge bio-enzyme pod for digesting fats, oils and greases in grease traps and drains
Eliminate odors with a proprietary multiple strain microbe system
No expensive dispensers or complicated installation required
Exclusive long-life block – up to 60 days
Eco-Choice Type 1 Global Standard Accredited

Product Description:
Fat Gobbler™ Pods are a breakthrough in automated high performance, low cost and low maintenance grease trap and drain line dosing.
Conventional grease trap and drain dosing systems are expensive and require complex installations, and are often high maintenance in nature.
Fat Gobbler™ Pods are the reliable and cost-effective solution. Simply drop one into the grease trap or drain for up to 60 days of hassle-free high performance.

A proprietary multiple strain microbe system selected for their scientifically proven synergistic performance characteristics ensures superior waste digestion and odor control.

Product Benefits:
• Effectively treat all fats, oils and greases
• Eliminate foul kitchen odors
• No expensive dispensing systems required
• No labor-intensive installations needed
• Control pathogens more effectively
• Environmentally friendly
• Eco-Choice Type 1 eco accreditation
• Proprietary cutting-edge microbe system
• Extra high compression long life pod
• 30 day or 60 day options (250 g or 500g)

Recommended Application:
Place one Fat Gobbler™ Pod at the inlet side of the grease trap or drain. Use a 250g pod for a 30 day service, or a 500g pod for a 60 day service. Grease trap baskets should be cleaned of surplus food accumulation on a daily basis.

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