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Eco-friendly, powerful liquid laundry detergent blend of biodegradable components for excellent results and lower cost in use.


Fab-Wash is an eco-friendly concentrated detergent blend of proprietary biodegradable components for use in washing overalls, and industrial workwear that gets filthy because of tough environmental working conditions. Fab-Wash gives excellent results with low cost in use.


Fab-Wash is considered an environmentally safe, blend of special surfactants, alkaline salts, water softeners, corrosion inhibitors, preservatives and water. Fab-Wash liquid is used as an all-purpose eco laundry detergent.  It is gentle on all types of fabrics and does not run colours. It can be used for all industrial, domestic and general fabric washing applications. It is an excellent and cost effective performer for institutional use.


Fab-Wash may be used in multiple washing operations including hand and machine washing. It is a medium foaming detergent, ideally suited to multi stage washing machines. It is highly economical with a fraction of conventional detergent needed per kg of laundry, dependent on soiling. Fab-Wash is compatible with all types of water, including brackish, salty and hard water. It also improves the removal of oily food soils from fabrics. Fab-Wash reduces electricity requirements as it can be used for cold washing.

Concentrate with Accu-Dose:

Fab-Wash is uniquely formulated in super concentrate version which saves tremendously not only on finished product cost by not blending it with mostly water, but it saves very significantly on storage, shipping, transport and logistics costs. To reduce weight and pack size on average 95% water content is removed in Fab-Soft concentrate and 80% water content for Fab-Wash concentrate.

It is packaged with a unique 1L Accu-Dose dosing bottle which neatly and accurately dispenses in micro increments from 5ml to 50ml for the ultimate in dispensing control, which completely avoids spillage and wastage. The conventional way of dispensing involves a few inaccurate and unmeasured bottle caps, which can quickly unnecessarily double or even triple product usage. Once an amount is measured out with the Accu-Dose system it is physically impossible to over dispense the required amount.

Tough Synthetic Greases:

Severe synthetic oil and grease stains can be extremely hard for conventional detergents to clean. In these instances safely spot clean or pre-soak with Eco-Solve or add Eco-Solve to Fab-Wash in the main cycle to effortlessly remove these oils.

Pre-Soaking & Whitening:

Oxy-Clean is a colour safe detergent additive for Fab-Wash which is particularly effective in tackling tough stains and brightening clothes as well as overnight bucket soaking applications for mops, rags, cloths and more.

Directions / Usage:

Commercial Machine Washing: Use at 25 – 50 ml per kg for average soiling.

Automatic Home Machines: Use at 180ml to 360ml per full load of washing (7.2kg Capacity Machine)

Hand Washing: Can be used by adding 100ml to 200ml to a wash tub. Hand washing may especially be done as a pre-wash and soak before using a final machine wash.

The above doses are for average soiling. Increase if necessary.

For Best Results:

Use with our full range of bio-enzymatic products which benefit each other as you use them.  Save money and improve performance while reaping multiple benefits compared to traditional chemicals. Avoid using disinfectants and harsh chemicals, these kill our beneficial micro-organisms and harm the environment.

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