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Eco-friendly cost effective natural plant based fabric softener  which leaves garments with a soft, luxurious feel while imparting a sophisticated and lingering fragrance.


Fab-Soft Natural is a phosphate free, biodegradable and eco-friendly liquid fabric softener which is made from natural plant-based components. It is natural in colour and does not contain any artificial colourants or dyes.

Features & Benefits:

Fab-Soft Natural has other benefits apart from making your clothes soft and smell great. Fab-Soft Natural softens and straighten the fabrics in your clothes and garments, making them easier to iron. It is also excellent at helping your clothes and garments look good for longer.

Kinder To The Environment:

Fab-Soft Natural is much kinder to the environment. The phosphates in conventional fabric softeners act as algae fertilizers that deplete the oxygen supply of water and effectively kill fish and other aquatic life. The synthetic components in softener formulas drain out of washing machines and into groundwater, where they can not only contaminate drinking water supplies, but further negatively impact aquatic life.

Highly Concentrated:

Fab-Soft Natural is highly concentrated and saves you money, just a capful or two of product leaves your laundry feeling soft and luxurious, with an exquisite lasting all-day fresh smell.

Non-Toxic & Non-Volatile:

Being made from plant-based components, Fab-Soft Natural is non-toxic, non-volatile and non-corrosive.

No Artificial Colourants:

Fab-Soft Natural is completely natural in colour, and contains no artificial dyes or colourants. Products containing dyes can often cause damage to garments when they are not properly dispersed by the washing machine in the rinse cycle. Apart from being colour-safe for your clothing, its natural ingredients make it the more natural alternative.

Septic Tank Safe:

Fab-Soft Natural is safe for all septic tank types and sewer systems.


The environmental impact of long- lasting waste products are a great cause for concern. Biodegradable products dissolve and degrade in terms of days rather than years. The natural bio-degradation process involves the aerobic or anaerobic breaking down of organic substances by enzymes produced by living micro-organisms. Once a waste product has been biodegraded the resulting products can be used as food and energy by other micro-organisms.

Suitable For Sensitive Skin:

Being derived from natural components, Fab-Soft Natural is suitable for all types of skin, especially those with sensitive skin types.

Directions For Use:

Use 10 ml for every kilogram of laundry. Pour the softener directly into the fabric softener dispenser compartment. If possible, hang your clothes on a washing line to dry. This is not only greener for the environment and saves on electricity costs, but can help your fragrance to linger for longer.

Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage

Stable for 12 months at ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight. Available in 1L, 5L, 25L & 1000L flow bins. Super concentrate available for simple self-manufacturing while saving greatly on shipping costs.

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