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High quality eco-friendly floor sealing and glazing product with medium to high active components made from finest ingredient hard wax, polymer and resin.


Ecozyme Eco-Polish is a biodegradable fully formulated floor sealing and glazing product ranging from 12.5% active components up to 25% active components, made from finest ingredient hard wax, polymer and resin.

Features & Benefits:

Environmentally friendly Eco-Polish is available from 12.5% to 25% actives to suit your application. See the respective Product Specifications for the details of each individual variant available. Ecozyme Eco-Polish imparts a great gloss quality film that protects floor tiles from scuffing and protects people from slipping. The wear life of certain finishes can be easily doubled when regularly applying Eco-Polish to the floor to enhance its appearance. Eco-Polish is easy to apply and allows for easy gloss maintenance. Eco-Polish floor polish is buffable, so once the floor has been sealed, the glaze can be maintained mechanically through buffing, so it allows for good glaze maintenance at minimal cost.



Ecozyme Eco-Polish can be applied to any floor, from masonic to various plastic finishes, including PVC and PVA resin flooring, either for tiles or for roll-out section floors. Ecozyme Floor-Polish can also be applied to stone and wooden floors such as parquet flooring as well as certain terracotta finishes. Ecozyme Floor-Polish can be applied in supermarkets, kitchens, hostels, hospitals, homes and hotels with equal confidence.

Use & Dilutions:

SEALING: Eco-Polish is an easy to use eco-friendly all-in-one maintenance product that will seal a floor after stripping and will also maintain a bright shine when used regularly for follow-up applications.

Eco-Polish is easy to apply with either a mop or a lambs-wool applicator. The preferred products for sealing are the 25% to 18% active products. Surfaces must first be squeaky clean before applying.

GLAZING and SHINING: Ecozyme Floor-Polish is buffable. Once the floor has been sealed, Ecozyme Floor-Polish can be buffed using a burnisher in conjunction with Ecozyme Floor Spray & Shine or by regular re-application. The preferred products for re-application are the 12.5% to 18% active products. The available application and maintenance methods will ultimately determine which products will best suit the user.

TIP: For best results always allow Eco-Polish to dry completely between coats when applying more than one coat to the floor.

Shelf Life & Storage:

Eco-Polish may be stored for one year in the original packaging, and under ambient conditions. Store between 10°C – 38°C

Physical Properties:

Physical State: Liquid

Appearance: Milky white

% Solids Content: As stated

Specific Gravity: 0.97 – 1.01 kg/cm3

Solubility: Dispersible

PH Value at 200C: 8.5

Odour: Slight wood glue-ish


Available in 5Kg, 25Kg & 1000 Kg flow bins

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