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Eco Hand Washing Powder
High foaming manual hand washing powder
Specially formulated to be gentler on the skin and tougher on stains
Concentrated economical formula
Formulated from renewable eco-friendly grade components

Product Description:
Eco Hand Washing powder is a high performance and extra foaming laundry washing powder designed specifically for manual hand washing applications.
It is formulated to be much gentler on the skin while remaining tough stains. It is highly cost effective in application for great monetary savings.
Eco Hand Washing Powder is eco-friendly and safe for the environment and septic systems.

Eco Hand Washing Powder is phosphate free and formulated with readily biodegradable components which quickly and harmlessly break down.

Product Features:
• Eco-friendly
• High foaming
• Economical
• Septic system safe
• Excellent stain removal properties
• Gentler on the skin
• Phosphate free
• Suitable for hard water environments

Demonstrates Excellent Performance Against These Tough Stains:
• Grass
• Blood
• Tomato Sauce
• Toothpaste
• Red Wine
• Grease
• Coffee
• Deodorant
• Makeup
• Mud
• Fruit Juice

Tough Stain Advice:
Always pretreat stains immediately when they happen with a cold water and product mix to form a paste which is scrubbed into the stain and allowed to stand for 1 hour. Then soak with sufficient product in very hot water overnight. Wash as normal the next day. Do not tumble dry or iron if the stain is still present. Repeat the above process.

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