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Eco Grit Hand Cleaner
Heavy duty hand cleaner and degreaser.
Formulated from renewable eco-friendly cosmetic grade components.
Cleans even the most grease laden hands with ease.

Product Description
Eco Grit Hand Cleaner is a heavy-duty personal care cleanser which is formulated with sustainable and renewable cosmetic grade components. It is designed to clean even the heaviest grease and grime with ease, while leaving the skin feeling soft and renewed. Eco Grit Hand Cleaner leaves a pleasant and lingering fragrance after application.

Features & Benefits
• Gentle on the skin
• Leaves a pleasant fragrance
• Skin left feeling soft and warm
• Formulated with eco cosmetic chemistry.
• Made with natural ingredients from renewable sources
• Cost effective

Recommended Use
Take up a scraping of Eco Grit Hand Cleaner into the hands and massage slowly over the skin to loosen and remove unwanted grease and dirt. Once the hands are clean of greases, rinse off with warm water, to leave your hands feeling clean and pleasantly tactile. Dry the hands using a soft towel or beneath an automatic hand dryer.

Recommended Applications
• Workshops
• Garages
• Mines
• Industrial
• Home

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