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High performance optional enzymatic grease cutting dishwashing liquid with extra foaming action. Economical, powerful lemon fragrance, thick in consistency, for a streak free finish and shine.


Eco-Dish dishwashing liquid is a very powerful blend of bio-degradable liquid grease cutting agents, neutralised to a pH that is soft on the hands and suits all skin types. With the optional added power of enzymes, you get the very highest strength industrial performance on even the toughest food stains, and the very lowest cost in use.

Enzymes at Work:

Modern dishwashing detergents face increasing consumer demands for efficient cleaning of tableware. Enzymes are key ingredients for effectively removing difficult and dried-on soils from dishes and leaving glassware shiny. Enzymes clean well under mild conditions and thereby assist to reduce clouding of glassware. In addition, enzymes also enable environmentally friendly detergents. Phosphates have been used in dishwashing detergents to get dishes clean, but they harm the aquatic environment and are increasingly being banned in detergents around the world. The combination of modifying detergent compositions and using multi-enzyme solutions enables Ecozyme to replace phosphates while improving degreasing and cleaning performance.

Features & Benefits:

Eco-Dish dishwashing liquid is a very high performance but extremely economic grease cutting detergent which only needs one or two squirts of product to enable the washing of a whole sink full of dirty dishes and cutlery. Eco-Dish dishwashing liquid has advanced foaming agents which do not break as grease conforms to the principle that plenty of foam will indicate the inherent availability of cleaning agent in the sink and some foam may still remain even at the end of the washing up is over.A challenge with lesser detergents is that the foam breaks before the wash is complete, meaning wasted extra product needs to be added. This can easily increase your product usage by an estimated 50% to 75%! It is clean rinsing, leaving plates streak-free with a quick rinse in clean water. Even when washing without rinse facilities, a relatively streak-free run off will be achieved due to the product’s ability to limit redepositing of the removed soils.


Eco-Dish dishwashing liquid is primarily meant to be used as a dishwashing agent and it performs flawlessly at a very cost effective price. It can also confidently be used for all cleaning applications where a neutral detergent is required.

Water Hardness:

Less than ideal water quality is a major challenge, and water hardness plays a key role in struggling to get effective results. Minerals and other dissolved solids in water present obstacles to good dishwashing results. Hardness minerals can cause spotting and filming on dishware. They must be effectively tied up in the water for great results to be satisfactory. Eco-Dish is designed to perform exceptionally in areas where water quality and water hardness is an issue. Eco-Dish is intelligently formulated to effectively convert dirt deposits into small suspended particles that rinse away without redepositing on freshly washed plates and cutlery.

Recommended Dilutions:

Eco-Dish dishwashing liquid should be diluted between 1:100 to 1:500 depending on the amount of greases and oils along with other soils that need to be cleaned during the washing up process.

For Best Results:

Use with the full range of bio-enzymatic products which benefit each other as you use them.  Save money and improve performance while reaping multiple benefits compared to traditional chemicals. Avoid using disinfectants and harsh chemicals, these kill our beneficial micro-organisms and harm the environment.

Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage

Stable for 12 months at ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight. Available in 5L, 25L & 1000L flow bins. Super concentrate available for simple self-manufacturing.

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