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Breakthrough bio-enzyme dishwashing liquid which treats fat traps and septic systems, while ridding building plumbing pipes of organic build ups for huge cost savings. Eliminates odours from drains and dish cloths, while leaving dishes sparkling clean.


Dish Gobbler™ is a breakthrough concept for the humble dishwashing liquid. State of the art bio-enzyme technology solves a multitude of problems faced by building owners the world over. In 2009 Ecozyme conclusively proved the massive cost savings and numerous benefits of its proprietary bio-enzyme daily cleaning technology at 2500 buildings nationwide. Now with our proprietary fat digesting bio-enzyme technology garnered from years of grease elimination experience in fat trap and plumbing applications, the ubiquitous task of washing dishes now results in amazing new benefits to property owners and the environment!

Environmental Benefits:

Blockages caused by fats at pump stations the country over results in enormously damaging sewer overflows into our precious rivers and oceans. The environmental cost is tragic and it poses grave disease threats in the form of typhoid and cholera outbreaks. In November 2016 Ecozyme showcased a groundbreaking technology, Pump Station Gobbler™ at the request of government at the Nelson Mandela Bay at the notorious Rudolph Street Pump Station in the Eastern Cape. Their fat problem was eliminated in an unbelievable 4 days! This proprietary bio-enzyme technology is now included in Dish Gobbler™. Just imagine – helping to save the country’s sewer problems just by changing your dishwashing liquid brand!

Product Description:

Dish Gobbler™ is a very powerful blend of eco-friendly bio-enzyme grease cutting agents with a neutral PH that is soft on the skin. With the awesome power of bio-enzymes, you get the very cleanest dishes and cutlery on even the toughest food stains. Through Competitive Exclusion, Dish Gobbler™ keeps dishes clean and free of harmful pathogens for days after washing!

Fat Trap Savings:

The old fashioned way of maintaining grease traps is with a sewerage sucking truck. This smelly and unsightly presence is highly undesirable at corporate premises and kitchens, not to mention very expensive. It’s not eco-friendly either, with the diesel carbon footprint of driving to and removing fats from your premises. And even though the fats are “out of sight, out of mind”, what then happens to them? Our precious environment still sits with the problem. Dish Gobbler™ simply solves these problems and remediates onsite!

Septic Tanks & Sewer Lines:

Every time you wash dishes, a powerful dose of beneficial micro-organisms are released into plumbing and sewer lines, turning the plumbing works into a giant living eco-system. These micro-organisms then secrete enzymes to permanently digest organic waste. They have a hugely beneficial effect on septic systems, septic tanks soakaways and sewer plants. Fats and solids are permanently broken down into carbon dioxide and water. Septic tanks require far less manual cleaning and expensive waste removal, while septic and sewer plants are aided with sludge breakdown.

Highly Economical:

Ecozyme Dish Gobbler™ is extremely concentrated, and just a tiny amount cleans an entire sink full of soiled dishes and cutlery. It contains highly advanced foaming agents which remain stable and do not break as the grease loading of plates and cutlery is increased. This results in a dramatically lowered consumption of product on a daily basis for excellent long term cost savings.

A Tender Specification:

As Ecozyme proved concept in 2009 for a highly prestigious facilities management company, simply making Dish Gobbler™ the standard specification for your organization guarantees all the aforementioned benefits!

For Best Results:

Use with Ecozyme’s full range of bio-enzymatic products which benefit each other as you use them.  Save money and improve performance while reaping multiple benefits compared to traditional chemicals. Avoid using disinfectants and harsh chemicals, these kill our beneficial micro-organisms and harm the environment.

Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage

Stable for 12 months at ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight. Available in 5L, 25L & 1000L flow bins. Super concentrate available for simple self-manufacturing while saving greatly on shipping costs.

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