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Now 10 times more powerful and effective! Our most advanced bio-enzyme all-purpose product cleans surfaces better, eliminates odours quicker, and benefits waste systems more.

Green Cleaning Technology

Billions of years ago Mother Nature had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. By using beneficial enzyme producing microorganisms, virtually any organic build up (biofilm, dirt, grime, stains and odours) can be far more effectively cleaned, degraded and removed than traditional harmful chemicals, now at much lower cost. Incredibly these organic problems are permanently broken down into carbon dioxide and water! Surfaces stay cleaner and shinier for longer.

Product Description

Enzyme 50 GobblerTM is an incredible all in one liquid bio-enzymatic product with a proprietary and powerful blend of 12 different fragrances for a sophisticated and long-lasting smell. Enzyme 50 GobblerTM cleans instantly with no contact times required. Our super high foaming technology is increased even more with optional foam trigger system ensuring that even less water is needed.

Enzyme 50: The Power Of 10

In an independently conducted cleaning test, Enzyme 50 GobblerTM was challenged against a leading imported bio-enzyme product. DC 50 was diluted 10 times more with water, while the imported product was used undiluted. Even at 10 times higher dilution, Enzyme 50 cleaned more efficiently, while effectively being 10 times more cost effective! A large part of this incredible performance is that the imported concentrated product contains a variation of 107 CFU per ml while Enzyme 50 contains at least 108 CFU per ml, which is a massive exponential log of 10 more! Enzyme 50 now contains 10% more active ingredients too for the ultimate product performance.

Product Cost Savings

Traditionally going green meant paying far more for a bio-enzymatic product. In countless studies, Our technology has matched and surpassed traditional harsh chemicals in cost, while being more effective in performance. In an implementation at a prestigious and highly respected international client, Our bio-enzyme and eco-chemical technology was proven to save an amazing 30% to 50% over their traditional chemical spend, while obtaining a level of cleanliness and hygiene their regular chemical products could not hope to match.

Property Company Savings

On 20 October 2009, We conducted an independent pioneering first-of-its-kind trial with one of the most experienced and respected national facilities managers in South Africa. The facilities management company is highly prestigious with numerous blue chip companies in their care. In an extremely busy washroom environment with between 800 and 1000 daily visitors, pungent urinal odours and plumbing blockages were a constant issue. Regardless of the chemical type and amount applied, their problems seemed unsolvable. Our biotechnology

easily solved their challenges within a brief 2 week period. The facilities company quickly realized these benefits and made Our bio-technology a compulsory tender specification at over 2500 of their buildings nationally. The tender has been successfully implemented for over 8 years with likely many millions of Rands saved in plumbing blockages for the group while eliminating washroom odours, and achieving a flawless and pristine visual corporate appearance.

Local Manufacturing Benefits

Our products are unaffected by expensive fluctuating exchange rates, and are manufactured from completely in South Africa. They are EDTA free (a harmful product present in most “green” products) and are uniquely cultivated from South African soils giving them a natural home ground performance advantage. They metabolize faster, reproduce quicker and survive longer. Local manufacturing technology means job creation while helping to stimulate the economy and reduce South Africa’s trade deficit. They are truly green with almost no carbon footprint as opposed to importing from across the globe.

Logistics & Distribution

Enzyme 50 GobblerTM greatly simplifies and minimizes stock holding, re-ordering, logistics, deliveries, and cleaning efficiency by replacing countless conventional chemicals with one safe product.

Product Simplification

Enzyme 50 GobblerTM safely replaces many products in the workplace and at home. Do not use harsh chemicals which interfere with our beneficial bacteria. The following chemical cleaning products should be permanently removed from site and be replaced with Enzyme 50 GobblerTM: floor, patio, tile, drain, ammonia, bleach, window, mirror, glass, stainless steel, kitchen, furniture, carpet, upholstery, chair, curtain, spot, bathroom, urinal, toilet, mildew, shower, bin cleaners and much more. Remove these chemicals

Safer For User& Environment

Enzyme 50 GobblerTM carries the coveted Eco-Choice label and is locally tested and accredited. It conforms to the highest international Global Eco-Label Network (G.E.N.) standards and is non-toxic, non-volatile and non-corrosive. It is safe for the cleaner and the environment.

Recommended Applications:

  • ●  Contract Cleaning Companies
  • ●  Bathrooms, Urinals & Toilets
  • ●  Offices & Buildings
  • ●  Washroom Odour Eliminator
  • ●  Hotels & Hospitality Industry
  • ●  Odour Eliminator & Deodorizer
  • ●  Shower Deep Cleaner
  • ●  Home Cleaner
  • ●  Drains & Blocked Pipes
  • ●  Portable Toilet Odour Remover
  • ●  Pit Toilet Cleaner
  • ●  Garbage Bins & Refuse Areas
  • ●  Septic Tank Treatment
  • ●  Nursery Schools & Schools
  • ●  Old Age Homes
  •  Pet Spills & Odours
  • ● Fly & Mosquito Control

A Safer Environment

Disinfectants and sanitizers attempt to kill bad pathogens. However the more these chemical disinfectants are used, the more the pathogens build up immunity to what is trying to kill them, and eventually develop into superbugs which are harmful to humans, and now even harder to kill. By constantly disinfecting, we inadvertently create a food source for pathogen regrowth in a now unchallenged environment where they grow back even faster than before. With our bio-technology, our good bacteria rapidly search for food and space and quickly starve the pathogens of their food source. The pathogens die and can’t build up immunity to this process. Where disinfectants stop working shortly after application, Our bio-technology keeps working for hours or days after application ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment. This process is scientifically known as Competitive Exclusion.

Septic Systems & Sewer Lines

Drain lines and septic systems are especially susceptible to the rapid build ups of fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) and the huge and expensive problems they cause, with systems eventually completely blocking up. Regular cleaning of toilets, urinals, basins and showers with Enzyme 50 GobblerTM provides an ideal extra dosing point to rapidly degrade waste, and quickly and easily solve these plumbing and septic build up challenges. It is nature’s way of treating, digesting organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic build-up from pipes, tanks, leach drains, septic tanks and septic systems.

SepticRemoval Costs:

An incorrectly functioning septic is a very costly affair. With the increased prevalence of bleaches, biocides and anti-bacterial agents in many of today’s consumer products which harm our environment, the naturally occurring bacteria, microbes and enzymes are easily killed off in septic systems and the natural balance is destroyed. Regular cleaning of amenities with Enzyme 50 GobblerTM helps eliminate odours while turning septic solids into carbon dioxide and water, lowering the waste level in the septic tank, and keeping it liquid. This helps eliminate the need for unsightly and expensive honey suckers which have a large carbon footprint when removing septic waste.

Application & Dilution

Heavily Soiled = Undiluted. NB Scrub dirty floor grouting around urinals and toilets weekly!
Daily Cleaning = 1: 10

Floor Cleaning = 1: 100 to 1: 500

For Best Results :
Use with Our full range of bio-enzymatic products which benefit each other as you use them. Save money and improve performance while reaping multiple benefits compared to traditional chemicals. Avoid using disinfectants and harsh chemicals, these kill our beneficial micro-organisms and harm the environment.

Packaging, Shelf Life, Storage
Stable for 12 months at ambient temperature, out of direct sunlight. Available in 5L, 25L Super concentrate available for simple self-packaging.


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