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Breakthrough bio-enzyme cistern block which hugely reduces the need to flush. Save up to 140 litres daily! After eventually flushing, unique 9 enzyme function turns human waste in sewer systems into a free water source!

Save, Then Create Water!

As a leading manufacturer of an entire range of bio-enzyme products uniquely designed for the pending water crisis. As our Gobbler™ range of products are introduced to human waste, they incredibly convert it into carbon dioxide and water! The benefits are profound. Imagine converting human waste in the city’s toilets, urinals, septic systems, sewer lines, pump stations and sewer plants into a viable source of waste water!

No Odours = Saving Water

After being introduced to human waste, the Gobbler™ range of products rapidly produce an unlimited amount of enzymes to quickly and effectively eliminate foul odours, while emitting a powerful and pleasant odour masking fragrance. No odours means not having to flush toilets, thereby saving a huge amount of water, up to 140 litres daily, per cost effective enzyme cistern block!

Colours Water Blue:

Cistern Gobbler™ contains a very powerful blue urine masking dye system which instantly colours water blue and disguises all typical urine colours while remaining safe for the porcelain surfaces inside the toilet bowl.

Powerful Foaming Action:

Proprietary eco-chemistry creates a high layer of foam every time the toilet is used, instantly hiding urine and toilet waste, while simultaneously descaling the toilet bowl surfaces, helping to keeping the bowl shiny and clean.


Cistern Gobbler™ releases a powerful, pleasing fragrance with each use, which continues to work in the toilet bowl, therefore not only eliminating odours, but providing the bathroom with a fresh, clean smell.

9 Enzyme System:

Cistern Gobbler™ contains class leading 9 enzyme system which quickly and effectively digests all toilet system waste and much more:

  • Lipase (fats)
  • Amylase (starches)
  • Urease (urea)
  • Protease (proteins)
  • Cellulase (cellulose)
  • Esterase (esters)
  • Phosphatase (phosphate groups from proteins)
  • Hemicellulase (non-cellulose polysaccharides)
  • Xylanase (hemicellulose fibre)

Septic & Sewer Systems:

Each Cistern Gobbler™ block is loaded with over 100 billion beneficial micro-organisms! They multiply within minutes, soon their offspring in turn multiply, and in no time you have trillions of beneficial microorganisms secreting enzymes and turning sewer systems into a giant living ecosystem. The benefits are enormous for toilets, plumbing lines, septic tanks, sewer pipes, pump stations and sewer plants. Sludge and organic build-ups are converted into carbon dioxide and a free water source! Septic tanks require less manual cleaning and expensive waste removal.

About Ecozyme:

Established in 2006, and with over 90 collective years’ experience in the chemical, cleaning and hygiene industries, Ecozyme supplies leading blue chip companies per key sector across South Africa, our bio-enzymes uniquely made locally.

Directions For Use:

Place one block into the cistern bowl opposite the water inlet pipe. Replace when water colour fades.

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