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A Greenish State Of Mind.

Being green is so much more than eating right, buying right and acting right! Being completely natural and waste-free is living a wholesome organic life full of eco-friendly lifestyle choices that make up your green lifestyle and state of mind about the world around you. It is a lifestyle focus shift, away from harsh toxins and conventional processed world degradation, which is slowly eating away at the core of earth.

Like an apple rotting from the inside out, humans burn more fossil fuels, consume more packaging, waste more water, add to landfills with every single product bought and generally do not care about rising water levels. We continue to plough through the earth’s resources, starting wars over pieces of the ground that may not be able to support any produce in the very near future. We generally go about our days wasting what we can, with no real regard for the consequences of our actions.

We are like little blood worms sucking the life out of our planet, indoctrinated with the set of ideologies supplied to us by our queen of all, CAPITALISM. People need to wake up to the harsh reality that there is no plan B living space. There is no alternative life on Mars and the planet can barely support a rover. Even though Mars Curiosity rover has only gone a little over 6 miles in total distance over the red planet, humans need to come to grips that even if a planet does exist somewhere out in the universe, we aren’t getting to it anytime soon!

By the time we have destroyed mother nature, it will all be too late, and perhaps earth will become known as the black planet that once glistened blue. Our mindsets need to shift and progress towards a sustainable world that adopts and encourages a forced sense of dynamism between nations and people from different walks of life. Countries are so desperate to defend their borders from foreign nationals that we have lost sight of what it was that made the world so unique in the first instance, diversity!

We need to celebrate one another with one another, not from a television set which guides your views and understanding of people and a region. If we pull together and make smart choices, altering our mindsets of places, people and living situations as we walk through the days of our lives, we may just have a chance at saving the earth and humanity in the process.

Greenman International now brings you a range of completely natural, green cleaning products set on making the world a better place for all who live in it. We can’t promise you that we are going to change the world single handed, but we really do hope that you will be a part of our journey to encouraging people to make use of more products and services like ours. For more information on our eco-friendly detergent range visit us on or call us on (+27) 086 099 5233 to find out how we are inspiring change.

Written by:  PRIO Communications and Digital Marketing

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