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multi use


GREENMAN MULTI-USE is an incredible all-in-one liquid bio-enzymatic product with a proprietary and powerful blend of 12 different fragrances for a sophisticated and long-lasting smell. GREENMAN MULTI-USE cleans instantly with no contact times required. Our super high foaming technology is increased even further with a foam trigger system, ensuring that even less water is needed.

In an independently conducted cleaning test, GREENMAN MULTI-USE was challenged against a leading imported bio-enzyme product. GREENMAN MULTI-USE was diluted 10 times more with water, while the imported product was used undiluted. Even at a 10 times higher dilution rate, GREENMAN MULTI-USE cleaned more efficiently, while effectively being 10 times more cost effective. A large part of this incredible performance is that the imported concentrated product contains a variation of 107 CFU per ml, while GREENMAN MULTI-USE contains at least 108 CFU per ml which is an exponential log of 10 more! GREENMAN MULTI-USE now contains 10% more active ingredients for ultimate product performance.

Cater Clean


Billions of years ago Mother Nature could keep the earth clean naturally, today this is no longer the case. By using the beneficial bacteria in GREENMAN CATER CLEAN various stains, grease build-up, odours, septic system accumulation, or FOGs (fats, oils, greases) can be safely cleaned, bio-degraded and removed quicker and more cost effectively than traditional harmful chemicals.

GREENMAN CATER CLEAN is safe to use in the food industry, conforming to the HACCP safety system. Highly advanced enzyme and microbial properties penetrate porous surfaces to rapidly degrade and eliminate fats, oils and greases. Tested and approved to be non-corrosive and safe for all equipment and surfaces. GREENMAN CATER CLEAN has immediate cleaning properties, instantly cutting through accumulated fats and oils, and insures a visually spotless environment with no greasy residue. The products’ special bio-enzyme properties mean immediate and continued long term odour control. GREENMAN CATER CLEAN actively eliminates drain line build-ups, while keeping plumbing systems flowing freely.

Germ Off


GREENMAN GERM – OFF is a revolution in toxic free cleaning and decontamination, being the natural alternative widely used to control microorganisms. The product is manufactured from specially selected bioflavanoids and organic acids from vegetables and fruit, the ideal replacement for chlorine.

  • Wholly natural organic product.
  • Broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, which works against bacteria, (gram positive and gram negative).
  • Non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting, and non-volatile.
  • Extended action (residual effect)
  • Breaks down biofilm.
  • Is effective even in the presence of organic matter.
  • Its mechanism of action is by the destruction of the cell wall
  • Stable at pH levels from 2 to 12 and temperatures up to 60°C.
Fat Trap


South Africa’s sewer and stormwater reticulation systems are under tremendous stress because they are being abused, often unknowingly, by businesses who do not know how to safely dispose of their waste. The sewer reticulation system is only geared to accept human waste while the storm water reticulation system is only geared to accept rainwater. Anything other than this (grease and fat) has a negative impact on the systems and ultimately causes blockages.

Grease traps reduce fats and grease in our wastewater by slowing down the flow of greasy wastewater, allowing the grease and water to separate. The water continues to flow down the pipe to the sewer, while the grease floats to the surface and is retained in the trap. Grease reduces sewer capacity due to formation of greasy solids that causes blockages and the failure of pumps. It also causes overflows in sewer drains, posing a health hazard. Grease waste reduces the efficiency of wastewater plants, which leads to high operation and maintenance costs and increases the effluent discharged into waterbodies posing a further environmental challenge.

Dishwashing Liquid


GREENMAN ECO DISHWASHING LIQUID is a very powerful blend of bio-degradable liquid infused with grease cutting agents, neutralised to a pH that is soft on the hands and suits all skin types. With the added power of enzymes, you get the highest industrial strength performance on even the toughest food stains at the very lowest cost.

GREENMAN ECO DISHWASHING LIQUID is a very high performance, extremely economic grease cutting detergent which only needs one or two squirts of product to enable the washing of a whole sink full of dirty dishes and cutlery. GREENMAN ECO DISHWASHING LIQUID has advanced foaming agents, which do not destruct as grease conforms to the principle that plenty of foam will indicate the inherent availability of cleaning agent in the sink, while some foam may remain at the end of the washing up process.



GREENMAN D – GREASE is a powerful water-based bio-remediating cleaner with superior cleaning capabilities, which eliminates waste disposal costs and health and safety risks. Effectively converts gasoline (BTEX), diesel, motor oils, fuel oils, grease, antifreeze, hydraulic, brake, ATF, cutting fluids, as well as heavy synthetic oils and greases into carbon dioxide and water. GREENMAN D – GREASE prevents slip-and-slide accidents by removing greasy film, leaving surfaces dry and oil-free. Reduces the ability of flammable hydrocarbons to ignite making it ideal for oil, fuel tank and confined space cleaning.

GREENMAN D – GREASE is designed to perform exceptionally in areas where water quality and water hardness is an issue. It is specially formulated to react with metal oxides to form a protective film on metal surfaces, while helping to neutralize acidic effluent. GREENMAN D – GREASE is intelligently formulated to effectively convert dirt deposits into small suspended particles that rinse away without redepositing on freshly washed surfaces. It is an ideal replacement for limonene, naphtha, mineral spirits, MEK, methylene chloride and other petroleum based solvents.



GREENMAN I – SHINE WASH AND WAX is an eco-friendly biodegradable high foaming special formula wash and wax product for cleaning motor vehicles, trucks, trains and more. Untreated oil run-off from vehicle washing is a huge problem for the environment. GREENMAN I – SHINE WASH AND WAX is completely unique in that it is formulated with bio-enzymes to help digest hydrocarbon effluent onsite, turning it into water and carbon dioxide.

GREENMAN I – SHINE WASH AND WAX can be effectively applied to:

  • Motor cars and motorcycles.
  • Light delivery vehicles and small trucks.
  • Heavy trucks and trains.
Septic Tank


Drain lines and septic systems are especially susceptible to the rapid build-up of fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) and the huge and expensive problems they cause, with systems eventually completely blocking up. GREENMAN SEPTIC TANK treatment is a special and proprietary blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria which rapidly produce a wide variety of enzymes to rapidly degrade waste, quickly solving these plumbing and septic build up challenges.

The treatment contains unique enzyme producing bacteria microorganisms which don’t just emulsify the waste, but feed on and eliminate it, with resultant by-products being carbon dioxide and water. GREENMAN SEPTIC TANK is totally safe and is nature’s way of treating, digesting organic waste, eliminating odour and removing organic build-up from pipes, tanks, leach drains, septic tanks and septic systems.

Pit Toilet


The powerful enzymes in GREENMAN PIT TOILETS rapidly reduce solid wastes and turns them into water and carbon dioxide. You will immediately notice huge improvements in odour control and fly reduction. GREENMAN PIT TOILETS reduces the leaching of the pit toilet water into the ground table water. Disease causing pathogens are naturally controlled for a safer and healthier environment. By reducing the number of solids in the long drop, the pit toilets’ lifespan is greatly increased.

The dignity of users is also immeasurably improved. Proprietary Greenman microorganisms and bacteria produce unlimited combinations of the correct enzymes and work effectively in all pit toilets, pit latrines and long drops. Greenman local manufacturing technology creates jobs, stimulates the economy and helps reduce South Africa’s balance of payment trade deficit.



GREENMAN PORT-A-LOO portable toilet fluid is a ready to use, multiple spore blend formulation specifically designed for portable toilets, RV’s, and marine holding tanks to accelerate the biodegradation of organic waste while reducing odour. This formulation is designed specifically as an odour controller and offers a safe, natural replacement for formaldehyde and quaternary compound. GREENMAN PORT – A – LOO incorporates a novel blend of spore friendly biodegradable surfactants, perfume and colouring along with our proprietary spore blend.

The microorganisms in GREENMAN PORT – A – LOO were selected based on each strain’s superior enzymatic activity against specific substrates (protein, starch, carbohydrates, fats and greases) and the combined synergistic value of the final culture mixture, resulting in enhanced cell germination rate, outgrowth and effectiveness over a wide range of organic substrates. This coalescence of microorganisms also exhibits exceptional organic degradation performance in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Aqua B Clear


GREENMAN AQUA – B – CLEAR will contribute invaluably to a healthier and visually cleaner aquatic environment in residential and especially commercial environments where health, a high growth rate, high stocking density and greatly reduced diseases and low environmental pollution is required. GREENMAN AQUA – B – CLEAR is essential for a rapidly growing, high-value industry, and the health and survival of countless fish species, which is a critical requirement for the success of business and the preservation of our irreplaceable planet.

  • Enhances water quality by reducing the concentration of C.O.D.s ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphates.
  • Reduces solids and organic wastes.
  • Pathogen inhibition action, which reduces algae bloom proliferation.
  • Promotes healthy fish growth and lowers mortality and diseases.
  • Biological filter maturation.
Super X Laundry Liquid


GREENMAN SUPER X LAUNDRY LIQUID is an eco-friendly concentrated detergent blend of proprietary biodegradable components for use in washing overalls and industrial workwear that gets filthy because of tough environmental

GREENMAN SUPER X LAUNDRY LIQUID may be used in multiple washing operations, including hand and machine washing. It is a medium foaming detergent, ideally suited to multi-stage washing machines. It is highly economical with a fraction of conventional detergent needed per kg of laundry, dependent on soiling. GREENMAN SUPER X LAUNDRY LIQUID is compatible with all types of water, including brackish, salty and hard water. It also improves the removal of oily food soils from fabrics. GREENMAN SUPER X LAUNDRY LIQUID has the potential to reduce electricity requirements as it can be used for cold washing.

Fabric Softener


GREENMAN FABRIC SOFTENER is a biodegradable and eco-friendly liquid fabric softener and rinse aid, which is a proprietary blend of cationic and non-ionic surfactants that impart a soft feel to garments while helping to rinse away any residual detergents that may still be clinging to fabrics after the initial washing process.

GREENMAN FABRIC SOFTENER liquid is easy to use and is very economical when compared with traditional products and the traditional method of dispensing, while retaining very high-performance characteristics. GREENMAN FABRIC SOFTENER restores that ‘newly delivered’ feel to fabric furniture covers, after washing clothes, seats and sofas. Similarly, eco-friendly GREENMAN FABRIC SOFTENER gives a wonderful feel when used in the rinse water after washing fabric car seats and vehicle carpets, leaving a pleasant fragrance in the vehicle.

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